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Howto install Redmine on Heroku

A little howto to get Redmine running on Heroku: Install Redmine locally. Follow instructions given on the Redmine Install page. I used development mode only in this step. Setup git in the repository with git init Edit the .gitignore file, … Continue reading

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Howto: Install RMagick on Windows 64 bits

I ran into a lot of problems trying to install RMagick on my 64bits Windows, but finally succeeded. Here is how: Install ImageMagick: version 6.6.9-5 32 bits. The version is important: I tried with 64bits versions, and also with 6.6.9-9 … Continue reading

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Full stack integration testing with Rails3: browser-oriented, JavaScript, continuous integration

This post is a complete summary of all my efforts to have a complete and decent solution to test Rails applications. As it is a long post, here you have the table of contents: Introduction Prerequisite for this tutorial Ruby … Continue reading

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Using data sets in Ruby: performance of Hash vs Set

A data set is a collection of objects that ensures each object is present only once in the collection. In Ruby, there are 2 simple ways to define data sets: use the Set Ruby standard library, or use the Hash … Continue reading

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How to change Rake tasks’ prerequisites dynamically

Several times in my developer’s life I have found it very useful to use Dependency Graph Programming. That means mapping processes into invokable targets having dependencies on other targets that need to be invoked prior. This is typically what Rake … Continue reading

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How to require Rake >= 0.9 with Ruby >= 1.9

Very simple problem, judging by this title. I have Ruby 1.9.2 I installed Rake with RubyGems (gem install rake) I want to use Rake in my Ruby environment (Rake defines Rake::DSL module). How can I do ? … Continue reading

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How to pilot external processes’ stdin and stdout in real time using Ruby

I finally made it! Regarding my previous post about failing to pilot processes on Windows, I searched again and finally found a solution. [EDIT] I have bundled the solution I explain in this article in a nice gem that you … Continue reading

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Failure at piloting external processes stdin and stdout using Ruby on Windows

I have always tried to be a polyglot programmer, and also poly-platform one. I have always cherished the idea my softwares could run on any OS. My main development environments for most of my Ruby projects are Windows (XP and … Continue reading

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