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My daily software stack

Hi This is a recurring question: “What soft are you using for your day-to-day activities ?” First, “day-to-day activities” for me mean lots of different things as a freelancer, developer and CEO. So I will try to cope with each … Continue reading

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Howto: Install RMagick on Windows 64 bits

I ran into a lot of problems trying to install RMagick on my 64bits Windows, but finally succeeded. Here is how: Install ImageMagick: version 6.6.9-5 32 bits. The version is important: I tried with 64bits versions, and also with 6.6.9-9 … Continue reading

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Full stack integration testing with Rails3: browser-oriented, JavaScript, continuous integration

This post is a complete summary of all my efforts to have a complete and decent solution to test Rails applications. As it is a long post, here you have the table of contents: Introduction Prerequisite for this tutorial Ruby … Continue reading

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How to pilot external processes’ stdin and stdout in real time using Ruby

I finally made it! Regarding my previous post about failing to pilot processes on Windows, I searched again and finally found a solution. [EDIT] I have bundled the solution I explain in this article in a nice gem that you … Continue reading

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Failure at piloting external processes stdin and stdout using Ruby on Windows

I have always tried to be a polyglot programmer, and also poly-platform one. I have always cherished the idea my softwares could run on any OS. My main development environments for most of my Ruby projects are Windows (XP and … Continue reading

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