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Rails cluster with Ruby load balancer using Docker

Lately I discovered Docker. I made a quick presentation on it for the rivierarb meetup of february 2014 (slides available). As an example of Docker’s usage, I decided to make something cool: a Rails cluster, with a Ruby load balancer … Continue reading

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How to write C extensions easily in Ruby

Lots of Ruby libraries suffer from performance. It is in fact one of the biggest criticism that is being made to Ruby. There are lots of ways to improve Ruby’s performance: use latest Ruby version, use JRuby, use Ruby Entreprise … Continue reading

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Using data sets in Ruby: performance of Hash vs Set

A data set is a collection of objects that ensures each object is present only once in the collection. In Ruby, there are 2 simple ways to define data sets: use the Set Ruby standard library, or use the Hash … Continue reading

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