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Packaging Ruby C extensions in nice gems

In the first part of this series on Ruby and C, we’ve seen how easy it is to write a C extension and use it in Ruby environment. However, in real world problems, a Ruby library will have several C … Continue reading

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How to write C extensions easily in Ruby

Lots of Ruby libraries suffer from performance. It is in fact one of the biggest criticism that is being made to Ruby. There are lots of ways to improve Ruby’s performance: use latest Ruby version, use JRuby, use Ruby Entreprise … Continue reading

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How to compile FastCGI library

The simple answer, as usual is ./configure; make; make install … … Well not in this case: it will break in some environments (mine is x86_64-linux with gcc 4.4.5 and fcgi >= 2.4.0). During the make command, you will likely … Continue reading

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