Today’s xkcd: the whole World’s map

xkcd is a fantastic webcomic. I follow it for a few years now, and I must say I love it.

Today’s comic (number 1110) featured an enormous scrollable world to visit.

I downloaded all images of this world and assembled them to see the global picture. This way you are sure to not miss anything 😉
The whole world map sizes 169984×83968 pixels!
Here I upload a 1:10 scale of it.
If you are interested, I also uploaded the 1:1 scale files, but unassembled.
If I manage to assemble them, I will update this post.


(If it does not display correctly in your browser, you can still right-click on it an save the image.)
XKCD World map

Full scale images unassembled:
1:1 scale images unassembled

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