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Full stack integration testing with Rails3: browser-oriented, JavaScript, continuous integration

This post is a complete summary of all my efforts to have a complete and decent solution to test Rails applications. As it is a long post, here you have the table of contents: Introduction Prerequisite for this tutorial Ruby … Continue reading

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How to compile FastCGI library

The simple answer, as usual is ./configure; make; make install … … Well not in this case: it will break in some environments (mine is x86_64-linux with gcc 4.4.5 and fcgi >= 2.4.0). During the make command, you will likely … Continue reading

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How to make RewriteCond work with sub-directories needing HTTP authentication

I almost spent 10 minutes trying to figure out a title for this post, as the problem I stumbled upon today is not easy to describe 😉 In a basic Apache environment, I have a rewrite rule routing every incoming … Continue reading

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How to install reCaptcha on your MediaWiki

Lately I just ran into heavy spamming among all my MediaWiki’s wikis. It first began with plain anonymous spamming (I wanted to leave anonymous editing available), then I forced account creation, then spammers were automating new account registrations before updating … Continue reading

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How to make a customized Ruby on Rails server work on a hosted shared environment ?

Hi Some of my servers are hosted on Planethoster (shared environment). So far it has been a nice experience, except that their customer support’s technical competencies can vary a lot depending on who gets to help you there. Regarding their … Continue reading

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How to make Apache route all requests except some directories ?

Hi Some context might help: You have an Apache running environment, on which you are not root (therefore no access to the global Apache config). Typically the kind of hosted shared environment. You have full control on the files stored … Continue reading

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